With God Nothing Is Impossible

Returning To God

Come Let Us Go & Seek The Lord – Albert Kimotho

Becoming a Habitation of God Through The Spirit – Sam Ndungu

You Have The Key…

“You Have the Key to Unlock the Super Natural Experience in Your Life”

Serving God Wholeheartedly – Leah Wang’ang’a

Resolve Greater Than Resume – Pst Patrick Kariuki

International Christian Center, Dallas, TX

Perceivers Receive – Rev Dr Jan Wanjiku

Rev Dr Jane Wanjiku


Release & Restoration

Whenever to Forever

Mizpah Dallas Conference 2017 “Accessing Heavenly Treasures” Anointing and Planting (3 of 3)

Rev Dr Jane Wanjiku, Mizpah Ministries International


Our profiles are being shaped by God

He will take you from Anointed to Planting

Mizpah Dallas Conference 2017 “Accessing Heavenly Treasures” Accessing Heavenly Treasures Through Intimacy (2 of 3)

Pst Patrick Kariuki, International Christian Center, Dallas