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The Potter & the Clay – Albert Kimotho

Intro by Joe Wang’ang’a

Transforming Filth & Trash into Treasures

Reference: Trash Mountain near Mumbai

Kingdom Mentality – Part 1

The Importance of Embracing the Kingdom of God (Part 1)

Be Still and Know That I AM God – Albert Kimotho

Gifts of The Spirit – Pst. James Wainaina Makerecha

Intro by Pst Tony; Preface by a word from Charles Makerecha and Mrs Suzanna Makerecha

Wastefulness – John Koyan Saitoti

Intro by Pst Tony Makerecha & a word from Mrs. John Koyan Saitoti

What’s Your Score? – Pst James Wainaina Makerecha / Update on Donations to Widows in Njoro – Suzanna Makerecha

Intro by Joe Wang’an’ga

Pst Tony Makerecha’s parents and brother from Njoro, near Nakuru, Kenya

Ask Him

Intro by Albert Kimotho with greetings from CA visitors and Pastor’s brother, father, and mother visiting from Nakuru, Kenya, before the message.

Behold! I Am Doing a New Thing.

Honoring Your Mother