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06/10 Bible Study (Neh 12:27-47)

"Take All The Praise - Eben"

** NEHEMIAH 12 :27 – 47 **


1. According to verse 27, which instruments were used for the praise session as the Wall of Jerusalem was dedicated?


2. According to verse 31-38, Nehemiah appointed *two* large thanksgiving choirs to lead the dedication ceremony. Many ceremonies in the Bible, including during Battles, we observe Praise and Music practiced.
What is the *significance* *of* *Praising* / *Worshiping* God especially during difficult moments in life?


3. According to verse 44-47, Temple responsibilities were assigned in an organised manner. We find in other parts of scripture, especially concerning the work of priests, how everything was well organised and orderly. Why do you think *good* *planning* *and* *order* is necessary in the house of God?


4. What is your take away today?

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Neh 12:27-47
Ps 68:1-4;8:2;33:1-3
Phil 4:6-7
Eph 5:19
2 Chron 20:21-22
Josh 6:16,20
Ps 103:20-21
Zeph 3:17
Ps 32:7;22:3
1 Cor 14:26,33,40
Titus 1:10
Gen 1:2,31
2 Tim 1:7

Let the Little Children Come Unto Me…

05/20 Bible Study (George)

**NEHEMIAH 9: 26-31**


1. When you read verses 26 – 31 what is the main attributes you find about

a] The *Children* of Israel

b] The *God* of Israel


2. In the above verses, just as in many other scriptures (especially the book of judges) we find a familiar pattern. The people sin- they become oppressed by their enemies-they cry to God- and the merciful God rescues them.

a) Why do you think people go back to their sins even when they know judgment is coming?

b) How can we break this cycle of sin in our lives.


3. According to verse 29, even when God testified against the people, the aim was always to bring them back to Him. How can we, as believers, partner with God to bring the prodigals home?


Rom 7:21-23;8:2
Gal 5:17
2 Cor 4:4
Ps 103:7
Rom 12:2
1 Pet 5:8
Matt 7:14
Gal 5:24-26
Jam 4:7
1 John 2:15-17
Rom 13:14
Gal 5:19-24
Matt 6:24
Rev 3:16
Rom 15:1
Matt 25:35-40

05/06 Bible Study – Neh 9:18-21 – w/Pastor Patrick

"Jesus - Chris Tomlin"

**NEHEMIAH* *9**

Read verse 18 – 21


1. The children of Israel provoked God many times in the wilderness, yet God dealt mercifully with them. List at least 6 things God did for them as captured by the verses above. _____________


2. Imagine a very big population in a barren wilderness that lacked nothing. Imagine their clothes didn’t get torn nor their feet swell for a full 40 years. Do you think we should *expect* to live a life of daily miraculous provision like that today? Explain your answer ___________

*APPLICATION*[What I will Do]

3. Imagine you are confronted by some of your friends. They have read these passages of how God dealt mercifully with the children of Israel. They cannot understand the suffering and death all around due to COVID-19. They are wondering whether God changed. What do you tell them? _____

Ps 103:10;145:8
1 Cor 4:7
Rom 11:36
Ps 24:1
Jam 1:17
Matt 7:11
Rom 8:32
Jer 9:24
Mal 3:6
Heb 13:8
Rom 8:28
Ecc 3:11
Pro 3:5-6

04/29 Bible Study – Grace vs Mercy w/Pastor Patrick

"Grace Wins - Matthew West"

*NEHEMIAH* *9:16-17*


Nehemiah chapter 9 has the same theme running through it, namely Israel’s rebellion vs God’s faithfulness. Verse 17 specifically mentions God’s *Grace* and His **Mercy* which are very misunderstood concepts today. We will spend time to learn, discover these two concepts today!

*EXPLANATION**[What i Think]

1. In your own Words, explain the difference between Grace and Mercy and give an example of each from the Bible.


*Example* ________________________________

*Mercy* __________________________________

*Example* ________________________________

2. How can you tell that God’s Grace is really in operation in someone’s life- i.e. What is the evidence of God’s Grace in someone’s life? _____________________________

*APPLICATION*[ What’s Next]

3. What’s your take away today? ___________________________

Eph 2:8-9
John 1:14
2 Cor 13:13
Luke 18:13
Rom 5:8
2 Sam 9:1,7
1 Kings 1:13-51
2 Sam 12:13
Mark 10:46-47
1 John 3:17-18
Gal 2:9
Ps 16:2
1 Cor 15:10
Titus 2:11-12
Matt 7:16-17

04/22 Bible Study (Rosemary)

"Resurrecting - Elevation"
*NEHEMIAH* 9: 1-15
Read verse 1-3
1. According to verse 1-3, the children of Israel 
assembled together on the 24th day with Prayer and Fasting. 
Name 3 specific things they did on that day
a) ____________________
b) ____________________
c) ____________________

Read verse 4-15
*EXPLANATION* [ What I Think ]
2. The Levites recounted many great and awesome deeds 
that God had done for Israel. To name a few, He have 
them the land of Canaan, He parted the Red Sea for 
them and made a covenant with them at Sinai.
a) Why do you think God requires us to pray yet He 
   already knows what we need? ________
b) We read that the people gathered together to pray 
   and fast. Why is praying or worshipping together with
   others important? ___________________________________

*APPLICATION*[Why it Matters]
3. What is your take away today? __________

Jam 4:6
Matt 7:11
Jam 4:2


04/16 Zoom Prayers (Kimotho)

(sound & technical difficulties during recording)
Ps 102:17-20
Rom 13:11
Act 10:22-44
Job 22:28
Ps 102:28
2 Tim 1:5
John 16:33
Ps 126:6
Ps 30:5
Neh 4:14
"The Blessing - Kari Jobe/Cody Carnes"
Is 26:3

04/15 Bible Study (Catherine)

Num 6:24-27
"The Blessing - Karie Jobe/Cody Carnes"

*NEHEMIAH* 8:13 -18

Read verse 13-15

[What I See]

1. Use verse 13-15 to assign *True* or *False* to the following statements,

a] The Leaders gathered on the second day to continue learning the Law of God from *Ezra* ________

b] Celebrating the feast of booths was not really required, but *Ezra* made a big deal out of it _______________

c] The booths they made were branches of fresh trees like Olives trees, Palm trees and Oil trees __________

Lev 23:33-43
Joshua 1:8
Lev 23:1-4, 9-14
1 Cor 15:20
1 Thes 4:16

Read verse 16-18

[ What I Think]

2. The Feast of Booths (also called the feast of Tabernacles) was celebrated to remind the Children of Israel how their forefathers dwelt in Tents/Booths in the Wilderness Years.
Name a few other feasts described in the Bible and their significance

[ What I will Do]

3. What’s your takeaway today? ______________________________

04/08 Zoom Bible Study – Pst Patrick Kariuki

Led by Pastor Patrick Kariuki

” All i need is You ” Kim Walker Jesus Culture


Read Verse 1-3 *OBSERVATION* [ What I See]

Use verse to assign *True* or *False* to the following observations.

a) Not many people gathered to hear Ezra read the law because many were already tired from building the wall _________________

b) All that gathered together were people who could understand the law of Moses that Ezra was to read ____________________

c) Though Ezra read the law for a long time, the people were attentive and patient _____________________

Read verse 4-9 *EXPLANATION* [ What I Think]

2. According to verse 5, Ezra opened the law of Moses to read it and according to verse 7, selected men helped to interpret/teach the law. Explain ways in which we can help people in our Churches, Bible Studies and Community to understand the word of God __________________

3. According to verse 9 Nehemiah was the *Political* leader, Ezra the *Spiritual* leader and the Levites the *Teachers*. We are One Body, different members. We are __United_in_Diversity_ Why do you think God made us different yet he wants us to work together? _____________

Read verse 10-12 *APPLICATION*[What I Do]

4. Verse 10 informs us that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Happiness comes from God’s Blessings while Joy comes from God’s Presence. In other words, Happiness is an Emotion, while Joy is fruit of the Spirit. A person who does *not* know the Lord can be Happy but cannot be truly Joyful. The strength mentioned here is not physical, but rather spiritual might How can we increase the level of Joy today, in the chaos and uncertainties of COVID-19? ___________

Luke 6:17
Eph 1:18-19, 4:11-12
1 Cor 12:11
Hab 3:17-19
Phil 4:4-8

Little Elm Bible Study Group – Pst Patrick Kariuki (Nehemiah 6)

Led by Pastor Patrick Kariuki


       Read verse 1-4

1. Use verse 1-4 to assign *True* or *False* to the following statements

a) When Sanballat and Tobias couldn’t intimidate Nehemiah, they resulted to lies, in an effort to stop him _____________________

b] Nehemiah temporarily suspended the Work so he could deal with the threats of his enemies ________________________

         Read verse 5-14

2. Sanballag sent his servant to Nehemiah 5 times. He wrote letters, schemed, lied and threatened. He was persistent. *Discuss* some of the ways the enemy has tried to deceive, discourage or dissuade you from your assignment? ________________________________________

3. Verse 10 mentions a secret informer who wanted to meet Nehemiah in a ‘safe’ place, the Temple. According to verse 14, the enemy even used Prophets and a Prophetess, just like Barak hired Balaam to curse Israel. How can we guard against such subtle deception?______________________________

         Read verse 15-17

4. Verse of 17 shows the enemy had really infiltrated Nehemiah’s people. He had his contacts and networks right there in Jerusalem. How would you personallt deal with people close to you working for your downfall if you discovered them?__________________________________

Neh 6:1-19
Heb 10:38
2 Cor 5:16
John 10:27,5
Prov 3:5-6
Deut 13:1-4
Heb 12:14-15

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