The Fatherhood of God/The Unchanging Nature of a Loving Father – John Nganga

Ps 34:15
Matt 6:9-13
Story of the Prodigal Son
Gen 5:1-3 Children created in the image of their father
The Word of God is God speaking to you
Gen 1:3,6,11,14-15 When God created things He spoke to the 
  ground, sky, waters
Gen 1:26 When God created man He spoke to Himself -- each 
  human is unique
Is 1:26 - Everlasting Father
Heb 9:14 - Our consciences are cleansed and He speaks to us
  through our consciences
Eph 1:4 - God is our foundation
Heb 12:2 - God is our author
Ps 115:16 - The earth God gave to men - heaven is God's 
Ex 20:7
Ps 103:12
Is 43:2
Jer 29:11

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