God’s Agents/Escorts – Part 2 – Albert Kimotho

1 Kings 19:7-17
Is 40:3-5
John 1:23 John quoting Elijah

Go to the mountain in prayer to
  seek the presence of God and 
  stay there until you encounter 

While Elijah was in the mountain,
  first came the Wind  - why?
    Ps 148:8 it controls the seasons
(as in the physical so in the spiritual)
    Ps 104:4 it is the messenger of God
    2 Sam 22:11 it is the carrier of God
    1 Kings 19:11 it breaks up
    Job 37:21 it cleans up
    Job 27:21 it relocates
This same Wind will blow in the blessings
  from God
The wind of God blew in the locusts to
  convince Pharaoh to release the Israelites,
  that same wind blew away the locusts when
  Pharaoh released the Israelites 

Second came the Earthquake
 that will shake what is within you to 
 open up what needs to be removed by God
 and allow what has been hidden deep 
 to be revealed  John 15:16

Third came the Fire
  to purify
  to bring holiness Ex 3:2-5
  to empower Acts 2:3

Stay on the mountain until you get
  the answer from God

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