04/08 Zoom Bible Study – Pst Patrick Kariuki

Led by Pastor Patrick Kariuki

” All i need is You ” Kim Walker Jesus Culture


Read Verse 1-3 *OBSERVATION* [ What I See]

Use verse to assign *True* or *False* to the following observations.

a) Not many people gathered to hear Ezra read the law because many were already tired from building the wall _________________

b) All that gathered together were people who could understand the law of Moses that Ezra was to read ____________________

c) Though Ezra read the law for a long time, the people were attentive and patient _____________________

Read verse 4-9 *EXPLANATION* [ What I Think]

2. According to verse 5, Ezra opened the law of Moses to read it and according to verse 7, selected men helped to interpret/teach the law. Explain ways in which we can help people in our Churches, Bible Studies and Community to understand the word of God __________________

3. According to verse 9 Nehemiah was the *Political* leader, Ezra the *Spiritual* leader and the Levites the *Teachers*. We are One Body, different members. We are __United_in_Diversity_ Why do you think God made us different yet he wants us to work together? _____________

Read verse 10-12 *APPLICATION*[What I Do]

4. Verse 10 informs us that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Happiness comes from God’s Blessings while Joy comes from God’s Presence. In other words, Happiness is an Emotion, while Joy is fruit of the Spirit. A person who does *not* know the Lord can be Happy but cannot be truly Joyful. The strength mentioned here is not physical, but rather spiritual might How can we increase the level of Joy today, in the chaos and uncertainties of COVID-19? ___________

Luke 6:17
Eph 1:18-19, 4:11-12
1 Cor 12:11
Hab 3:17-19
Phil 4:4-8

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