04/15 Bible Study (Catherine)

Num 6:24-27
"The Blessing - Karie Jobe/Cody Carnes"

*NEHEMIAH* 8:13 -18

Read verse 13-15

[What I See]

1. Use verse 13-15 to assign *True* or *False* to the following statements,

a] The Leaders gathered on the second day to continue learning the Law of God from *Ezra* ________

b] Celebrating the feast of booths was not really required, but *Ezra* made a big deal out of it _______________

c] The booths they made were branches of fresh trees like Olives trees, Palm trees and Oil trees __________

Lev 23:33-43
Joshua 1:8
Lev 23:1-4, 9-14
1 Cor 15:20
1 Thes 4:16

Read verse 16-18

[ What I Think]

2. The Feast of Booths (also called the feast of Tabernacles) was celebrated to remind the Children of Israel how their forefathers dwelt in Tents/Booths in the Wilderness Years.
Name a few other feasts described in the Bible and their significance

[ What I will Do]

3. What’s your takeaway today? ______________________________

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