04/22 Bible Study (Rosemary)

"Resurrecting - Elevation"
*NEHEMIAH* 9: 1-15
Read verse 1-3
1. According to verse 1-3, the children of Israel 
assembled together on the 24th day with Prayer and Fasting. 
Name 3 specific things they did on that day
a) ____________________
b) ____________________
c) ____________________

Read verse 4-15
*EXPLANATION* [ What I Think ]
2. The Levites recounted many great and awesome deeds 
that God had done for Israel. To name a few, He have 
them the land of Canaan, He parted the Red Sea for 
them and made a covenant with them at Sinai.
a) Why do you think God requires us to pray yet He 
   already knows what we need? ________
b) We read that the people gathered together to pray 
   and fast. Why is praying or worshipping together with
   others important? ___________________________________

*APPLICATION*[Why it Matters]
3. What is your take away today? __________

Jam 4:6
Matt 7:11
Jam 4:2


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