Little Elm Bible Study Group – Pst Patrick Kariuki (Nehemiah 6)

Led by Pastor Patrick Kariuki


       Read verse 1-4

1. Use verse 1-4 to assign *True* or *False* to the following statements

a) When Sanballat and Tobias couldn’t intimidate Nehemiah, they resulted to lies, in an effort to stop him _____________________

b] Nehemiah temporarily suspended the Work so he could deal with the threats of his enemies ________________________

         Read verse 5-14

2. Sanballag sent his servant to Nehemiah 5 times. He wrote letters, schemed, lied and threatened. He was persistent. *Discuss* some of the ways the enemy has tried to deceive, discourage or dissuade you from your assignment? ________________________________________

3. Verse 10 mentions a secret informer who wanted to meet Nehemiah in a ‘safe’ place, the Temple. According to verse 14, the enemy even used Prophets and a Prophetess, just like Barak hired Balaam to curse Israel. How can we guard against such subtle deception?______________________________

         Read verse 15-17

4. Verse of 17 shows the enemy had really infiltrated Nehemiah’s people. He had his contacts and networks right there in Jerusalem. How would you personallt deal with people close to you working for your downfall if you discovered them?__________________________________

Neh 6:1-19
Heb 10:38
2 Cor 5:16
John 10:27,5
Prov 3:5-6
Deut 13:1-4
Heb 12:14-15

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