05/06 Bible Study – Neh 9:18-21 – w/Pastor Patrick

"Jesus - Chris Tomlin"

**NEHEMIAH* *9**

Read verse 18 – 21


1. The children of Israel provoked God many times in the wilderness, yet God dealt mercifully with them. List at least 6 things God did for them as captured by the verses above. _____________


2. Imagine a very big population in a barren wilderness that lacked nothing. Imagine their clothes didn’t get torn nor their feet swell for a full 40 years. Do you think we should *expect* to live a life of daily miraculous provision like that today? Explain your answer ___________

*APPLICATION*[What I will Do]

3. Imagine you are confronted by some of your friends. They have read these passages of how God dealt mercifully with the children of Israel. They cannot understand the suffering and death all around due to COVID-19. They are wondering whether God changed. What do you tell them? _____

Ps 103:10;145:8
1 Cor 4:7
Rom 11:36
Ps 24:1
Jam 1:17
Matt 7:11
Rom 8:32
Jer 9:24
Mal 3:6
Heb 13:8
Rom 8:28
Ecc 3:11
Pro 3:5-6

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