06/10 Bible Study (Neh 12:27-47)

"Take All The Praise - Eben"

** NEHEMIAH 12 :27 – 47 **


1. According to verse 27, which instruments were used for the praise session as the Wall of Jerusalem was dedicated?


2. According to verse 31-38, Nehemiah appointed *two* large thanksgiving choirs to lead the dedication ceremony. Many ceremonies in the Bible, including during Battles, we observe Praise and Music practiced.
What is the *significance* *of* *Praising* / *Worshiping* God especially during difficult moments in life?


3. According to verse 44-47, Temple responsibilities were assigned in an organised manner. We find in other parts of scripture, especially concerning the work of priests, how everything was well organised and orderly. Why do you think *good* *planning* *and* *order* is necessary in the house of God?


4. What is your take away today?

[beginning of study missing due to engineer error]
Neh 12:27-47
Ps 68:1-4;8:2;33:1-3
Phil 4:6-7
Eph 5:19
2 Chron 20:21-22
Josh 6:16,20
Ps 103:20-21
Zeph 3:17
Ps 32:7;22:3
1 Cor 14:26,33,40
Titus 1:10
Gen 1:2,31
2 Tim 1:7

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