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09/12/20 Ladies Meeting “Power of Music” – Mama Ngethe

[Intro by Catherine Makerecha]
Is It Possible To Have A Song In The Dark?
Miracle of  Brother's  Song
Acts 16:25-33
Ps 40:1-3
Hab 3:17-18


05/09 Charis Murugi Kiburi Baby Shower

04/11 ECC Ladies Zoom Meeting (Mirriam Kariuki)

Gen 16, 21
Sarah was righteous yet unrewarded
Hagar was faithful yet betrayed
*God Who sees
*God Who hears
*God Who comes to fulfill His promises
God instructs, guides, encourages, assures, 
  and fulfills promises

A few words from Elizabeth & Irene’s Mum

before leaving to go home to Kenya